Properlytics provides investors with an easy-to-use platform, saving them hours of record-keeping and complex calculations. By adding a property and entering key metrics, more than 100,000 calculations can be made based on hundreds of variables, allowing investors to assess the value of their properties. 

Financial returns can be projected over several years, taking into consideration cash flows, tax savings and liabilities. Return on investment based on acquisition costs, capital gains, rental income and management costs can also be calculated, allowing investors to track the value of their investments.

Detailed financial reports can be produced with ease, which would also include customisation options such as the ability to add a company logo.

With unlimited reports and storage, Properlytics allows users to manage multiple properties and clients. It can also be used on multiple devices.

There are two subscription pricing options for investors of different scales: the $12.49 per month plan offers year-on-year projections, unlimited storage and customised reports for 10 properties while the $33.33 per month plan offers similar features, with unlimited properties and unlimited clients. 

Properlytics is the second app released by WLTH, a FinTech company cofounded by Brodie Haupt and Drew Haupt. Its first app, WLTH, a Digital Portfolio Manager, provides a platform for users to track their assets and helps them manage their money. Similar to Properlytics, WLTH aims to reduce the amount of time and stress involved with managing finances. 

Cover Image: Properlytics was launched in Brisbane on the 7th of October. (Image: WLTH Pty Ltd)