Selecting the right office space is crucial for any business or organisation, particularly when you're experiencing growth in headcount, nearing the end of your lease, navigating economic shifts, or planning to open a new location.

1. Location and Accessibility

Choosing the right location is vital and involves considering factors like employee accessibility, client interactions, proximity to public transport, and parking availability. In addition to key CBD areas, consider emerging areas with growth potential, such as North Sydney or Parramatta (NSW), west end of Collins Street (VIC), and Fortitude Valley (QLD), which offer a blend of prestige and practicality while attracting innovative companies.

2. Tenure Flexibility

Flexible leasing options have gained popularity, accommodating both new and established businesses with varying project needs and headcount forecasts. These arrangements can range from as little as one month to several years, often including all-inclusive pricing paid monthly. Premium locations like Martin Place in Sydney and Collins Street in Melbourne now offer coworking spaces with high-end amenities. Conversely, traditional leases are suitable for businesses that require stability and control over their space and infrastructure.

3. Office Fit-out and Growth Scalability

The office layout should support your team’s workflow, accommodating everything from meeting rooms to reception areas, crucial for operations that require frequent access. The market offers options from bare spaces (cold shells) to fully serviced offices. Many commercial leases also include fit-outs as incentives, which can be a significant advantage. It’s essential to choose a space that allows for easy scaling up or down—vital for rapidly growing companies or those needing to adjust operations without much notice.

4. Economic Considerations

It's vital to secure lease terms that offer both value and flexibility to adapt to changing economic conditions. A thorough understanding of all costs involved—including rent, utilities, and maintenance—is crucial to ensure these align with your broader business strategy and enable financial adaptability.

5. Additional Considerations

When choosing a space, it’s also important to ensure that the office can support your technology infrastructure needs, including high-speed internet and network security appropriate for your business. The sustainability and environmental impact of your new space are other critical factors, which can affect both brand perception and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the office should reflect your brand’s values and image, impacting both staff and client perceptions.


Choosing the right office space involves multiple layers of consideration but getting it right can significantly impact your business success. At Sidespace, our Property Concierge offers a no-cost service to assist you with your property search, ensuring you find a space that aligns with both your immediate needs and future growth aspirations.

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