Essendon Fields today launched ARC, three interconnected architecturally designed high-quality office hubs, as part of a new plan to create Melbourne North-West’s largest master-planned office building precinct, worth $100 million.

In what will be the biggest ever office building expansion for the region, Essendon Fields unveiled the first building of ARC, designed to set a new standard for hub-style creative office space in Melbourne.  

This followed a national architectural design competition for the ARC project, won by Melbourne-based award winning Bruce Henderson Architects.

ARC will create something unique for Melbourne’s North-West – 20,000 square meters in the heart of Essendon Fields, designed to create a series of hubs and innovative workspaces with their own break-out areas. These will be connected by a contemporary landscaped courtyard, all within walking distance of Essendon Fields’ renowned shopping and living amenities to promote greater work-life balance.

ARC, spanning 20,000 square meters, is located in the heart of Essendon Fields
ARC, spanning 20,000 square meters, is located in the heart of Essendon Fields (Image: Supplied)

Essendon Fields is now releasing the first building of ARC, which will be 6,000 square meters, five-star (and green star) designed office space with flexible floor plans from quarter to full floors available. This will be supplemented by the development of additional adjacent secure multi-level parking.

“Essendon Fields today announced a $100 million commitment to create the best destination for office space in Melbourne’s North-West. We not only create bright, vibrant office spaces to work in an environment that will help tenants retain workers, but our tenants save a third on what they’d have pay for office space in the CBD. Together this is a major incentive in the value proposition for any tenant,’’ said Chris Cowan, CEO of Essendon Fields.

Damian Dalgleish, Director Developments Essendon Fields, said the architectural design competition for ARC allowed Essendon Fields to push the design boundaries to create a truly innovative space for tenants.

“Seven of Australia’s top architectural firms produced designs that fitted our brief to create a development that is both cutting edge, stunning in design and holds the needs of the user at its heart. Bruce Henderson’s winning design will create a landmark space for Essendon Fields,” Mr Dalgleish said.

“Essendon Fields are totally focused on creating a working and lifestyle environment that is perfectly balanced to suit tenants. That’s why workers enjoy coming to Essendon Fields, where they can securely park their car or catch public transport, enjoy new A-grade style offices and easily shop and embrace the café lifestyle in their lunch hour,’’ Mr Dalgleish said.

ARC’s three new A-grade quality office buildings will be connected by a contemporary landscaped courtyard
ARC’s three new A-grade quality office buildings will be connected by a contemporary landscaped courtyard (Image: Supplied)

The new ARC development will accelerate the commitment at Essendon Fields to jobs creation in Melbourne’s North-West – generating an extra 1,000 onsite jobs and hundreds more during its construction phase. There are currently 6,000 people who work at Essendon Fields, with plans that eventually it will be home to 14,000 workers, making it the region’s largest employer. Last year Essendon Fields completed a new office building at 6 English St which has been successfully fully leased.

Essendon Fields has also decided to increase the investment in new commercial office space at its newly refurbished iconic aviation Terminal building. In total, there will be almost 2,000 square meters of new office space to be created over two stages that will enhance plans for the dramatic improvement to the passenger terminal, which will include a high-quality café and bar.

“The Essendon Fields Terminal building is a unique heritage listed building and we’re being sensitive to its history, but we’re also bringing it to life with a new flexible, dynamic working environment as well,’’ Mr Cowan said.

Essendon Fields announced the name change to Essendon Fields Airport (from Essendon Airport) late in 2017.

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